Park Seleger Moor – a nature paradise bursting with colour

Sea of blossom in April

Park Seleger Moor is a wild, romantic parkland covering 12 hectare. In April skunk cabbage comes into leaf along the watercourses, then in spring countless rhododendrons and azaleas transform the park into a sea of blossom, while the romantic water lilies in the ponds are a feast for the eyes until into August. In autumn, the park becomes a deeply evocative sea of light and colour. Visitors can take a break on the many benches and at the barbecue area and Beizli tavern.

The Migros Zurich Cooperative has acted as the patron of the Seleger Moor Foundation since 1988 and supports Park Seleger Moor with funds from Migros Cultural Percentage.


Duck pond in June

Duck pond in June

Pond in autumn

Pond in autumn

Park Seleger Moor logo

Park Seleger Moor

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