Park im Grünen Grün 80

Lake with water feature

Park im Grünen Grün 80 was created in 1980 during the National Horticultural Show «Grün 80» and has since been maintained by Migros Basel for the enjoyment of the public. The idyllic recreation area covers around 130,000 square metres.

Large dinosaur model

Large green spaces, diverse flora and fauna, tranquil waters, several barbecue areas, a carousel and a mini golf course are the perfect recipe for young and old to wind down and have fun. The 45 metre long, life-size model of a prehistoric seismosaurus, the biggest known dinosaur, is the park’s landmark.

Massive iron sculpture «Amboss»

Culture amid nature

At the centre of the park stands Cloud Hill, and next to it St Alban’s Lake. In the middle of the lake, admire the ever-changing water feature that casts a jet over ten metres high. The massive iron sculpture «Amboss» by Bernhard Luginbühl is situated between Cloud Hill and the lake. It serves as the park’s artistic focal point.

The «Arena» mini amphitheatre at the park’s south end is carved out of a hill reclaimed by nature. It seats an audience of 300 and hosts performances for the Summer Theatre programme, among other events.

Park im Grünen Grün 80 logo

Park im Grünen Grün 80

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