«1 Tulip For Life» breast cancer campaign

Tulips in bloom in Park im Grünen Grün 80

For the «1 Tulip For Life» campaign, 800 tulips have been planted in Park im Grünen Grün 80 to highlight the important issue of breast cancer.

One in eight women will be affected by breast cancer at some point in their life. This motivated the association L’aiMant Rose and its volunteers to launch an array of campaigns that draw attention to the disease. In October 2020, the month dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer at international level, they inspired 421 Swiss municipalities nationwide to plant hundreds of thousands of flower bulbs as part of the «1 Tulip For Life» project. 

Tulip bulbs were planted at prominent locations in the autumn, with one pink tulip for every seven white ones. This ratio sadly symbolises how the number of women suffering from breast cancer is far too high.

800 tulips in Park im Grünen

With its show of around 800 tulips, Park im Grünen Grün 80 is already taking part in this campaign for the second time. The tulip bulbs were planted in the autumn, ready to put on a splendid show in the spring. The extraordinary display of flowers and the information panels raise awareness among park visitors of the daily battle that breast cancer sufferers and their families face. This helps to overcome the taboos surrounding this disease.

For «1 Tulip For Life», 800 pink and white tulips have been planted in Park im Grünen Grün 80. The campaign highlights the important issue of breast cancer.