Depot Basel: Dialogue on design

An art installation comprising connected frames standing in the middle of a large, bright exhibition space.

Project completed

Different, innovative and breaking the mould: Depot Basel is a platform for discussing, presenting and explaining contemporary art and design. A youthful, independent organisation that adopts a creative approach to combining exhibitions with other formats such as workshops.

Access to art and design

Depot Basel provides low-threshold, fresh ways of accessing art and design. The pioneering project seeks to encourage society to get involved in the debate about design. By enabling the project, Migros Pioneer Fund gave Depot Basel and its founders an opportunity to explore their innovative approach and place the model on a more permanent footing. 

Promoting creativity

Although the Depot Basel exhibition space closed in 2018, the founders Laura Pregger and Matylda Krzykowski now occupy an important place in Switzerland’s creative scene and are promoting the Depot Basel idea in society at large. 

Photo/stage: Gregor Brändli

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