Open data and food – greater knowledge about good nutrition

A group of people sit around a table with laptops, there is a fruit basket in the centre of the table.

Project completed

Vegan or vegetarian, clean eating or fast food, friendly to the climate or harmful to the climate – the ‘right’ food is a hot topic. The way we use food is also under the microscope – in richer, industrialised nations, far too much food ends up going to waste. But what’s the solution to better, more efficient use of food?

Data offers great potential

The approach of the Business Innovation food.opendata.ch programme, funded by the Migros Pioneer Fund, is the data streams that automatically accrue through production, sales and purchasing behaviour. These data allow the deduction of findings and solution approaches which offer great potential for progress in the field of nutrition – for all of us.

Turning data into business models

The Business Innovation food.opendata.ch programme supports creative, pioneering and scientific projects dealing with food data and guides them from the initial idea to market maturity. This helps to turn data into business models, including an app to remind consumers that food in the refrigerator is about to reach its expiry date. Or the idea of cooking with leftovers and having missing ingredients delivered spontaneously by a delivery service.

Open Food Data

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Photo/stage: Goran Basic

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