New: Mini-Grants for small, local associations with big ideas and a limited budget

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Migration Society Switzerland: «ici. here together.» promotes projects for more cultural diversity.

According to the 2022 Annual Report, Migros, Switzerland's largest private employer, employs around 100,000 people from a total of 170 nations. This also reflects the cultural diversity in the country. It is precisely this cultural diversity that the «ici. here together.» support program aims to promote even more strongly. 

Because diversity is being lived where people meet - be it at neighborhood festivals, at sports or on the playground. These encounters often lead to conversations in which common ground is discovered and understanding for the other person is awakened.  

This is where «ici. here together.», the Migros Commitment support program, comes in. Support is provided to people who voluntarily commit themselves to equal-opportunity coexistence in Switzerland. 

New: Mini-Grants for small, local associations with big ideas and a limited budget

On 2 April 2024, "ici. here together." will launch its new Mini-Grants, an unbureaucratic support scheme for small, local associations in Switzerland. Do you have a project that brings people from different backgrounds together? Then you can apply for a Mini-Grant worth between CHF 500 and CHF 2,500.

Broad-based support program

«ici. here together.» is a Migros engagement project. The Foundation for the Promotion of Language and Education has commissioned the Federation of Migros Cooperatives to implement the program. The programme’s partners are the Swiss Migration Commission EKM, the Conference of Integration Delegates KID, the Swiss Conference of Specialist Units for Integration KoFI and the Tripartite Conference TK. 

Frau am Tisch

Many initiatives don't even need a lot of money to make an important contribution to social cohesion. Often there is a lack of moderate financial resources, such as for renting a common meeting place, for buying children's books or to pay the bus tickets of participants who live in distant asylum centers.

Angela Zumbrunn, Programme Manager for «ici. here together.»


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«ici. here together.»

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