Vereinsweg: Strengthening the role of clubs in the community

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Clubs and associations are valuable partners because they make a significant contribution to the common good. And in times like these that is more important than ever. For corona is really putting our feelings of togetherness and solidarity - both in the community and in clubs - to the test. With its «Vereinsweg» («Club Drive») funding initiative, Migros Culture Percentage is supporting communities and their clubs/associations that seek to boost participation from local people - both now, in the time of corona, and beyond.

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The initiative

Support will be given to sustainable activities and measures that benefit all the clubs/associations in a community, for example: training events, club conferences or common guidelines for working together as clubs.

Who may apply for funding?

  • Municipal authorities that want to boost the profile and role of clubs/associations in the community
  • 3+ clubs/associations representing 3 or more interest groups may apply jointly
  • Groupings of clubs/associations (local federations etc.)

What levels of funding are available?
Implementation contributions of up to CHF 5,000 max. will be made. The size of the contribution will depend on the actual costs of the measure or activity (as per its budget). In certain substantiated cases, higher sums may be granted.

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Impressions of Switzerland's thriving and diverse club landscape

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Collage Vereinsweg
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Collage Vereinsweg
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