Hospital at Home: returning to health in your own four walls

An elderly woman and two caregivers

One of the most frequent questions that doctors and nurses hear at hospital is «When can I go home?» Most people feel at their most comfortable in familiar surroundings, a key requirement for quickly returning to health.

Bringing the hospital home

With this being the case, Hospital at Home thought 'Why not enable patients to bring the hospital to them in their own four walls?' With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the team wants to establish the internationally tested «Hospital at Home» treatment concept in Switzerland and thus contribute to the decentralisation of the Swiss healthcare system.
The offer is aimed at patients with acute internal diseases, for example those suffering from pneumonia, as well individuals who require palliative care, such as those receiving intensive pain therapy. Instead of being referred to a clinic, the patients are instead referred to the specialist team of Hospital at Home by their GP or the hospital. With this solution, they receive needs-based medical care, including daily visits and nursing support. Where necessary, their vital signs can be observed using modern home monitoring technology, and they can make use of a nursing and medical on-call service around the clock.

A needs-oriented healthcare system

The aim of the project is to once again place people and their needs at the heart of the healthcare system, to reduce the volume of resources required at hospitals and to make healthcare and nursing professions more attractive thanks to the improved working conditions found in small, self-organised teams.

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Hospital at Home

This project is supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund.

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