SCHUB: Social Cooperative Hub

Pioneers launching paper planes.

For today’s start-ups, good business management means more than just maximising profits. Many want the economy to serve society. One response to this development is offered by forms of companies such as cooperative and social enterprises.

A big push for social entrepreneurship

The pioneering project SCHUB is committed to creating and expanding business models with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund. The focus is on social entrepreneurship and suitable legal forms such as cooperatives. Generally, however, opportunities are identified that can be used to operate all kinds of organisations. To this end, the project is launching a start-up support programme offering mentoring services, a social business toolbox and cross-industry networking opportunities. Furthermore, an analysis of existing market conditions should contribute to improving the start-ups’ orientation.

Bigger push = bigger returns

SCHUB means entrepreneurs not only achieve their economic goals, but also increase social and ecological returns. The resulting overlap of values, meaningfulness and work leads to an overall more resilient economy and society.

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