finally. For a better quality of life in fragile times

Frau ruht sich aus

Facets of fragility such as illness and death are a part of life. However, we prefer to ignore or rationalise them. Moreover, they are all too often handled in a sober, functionality-focused environment. There is little room for the personal needs of those affected, their relatives and caregivers.

Combining aesthetics and functionality

The “finally” project is based on the belief that these phases of life in particular should be characterised by dignity and beauty. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, “finally” aims to move fragility, illness and mortality out of the taboo zone and into society’s conscious awareness. It aims to reduce fear and insecurity, and make it easier to deal with vulnerability in a very practical way: with care aids and helpful products that combine aesthetics and functionality – always developed by people for people. The aim of the funding is to bring the products to market on a broad scale – i.e. also beyond the context of caregiving.

A patient gown that can be worn as a robe and a dress, a ceramic mug that also serves as a feeding cup: “finally” products are suitable for everyday use by anyone but are consistently geared towards the needs and well-being of vulnerable individuals and their environments. To ensure this aim is achieved, the team strives for a high design standard and works on the basis of scientific findings and in a constant exchange with specialists and affected individuals.

Greater attention also for carers

The aim of the project is to create a link between aesthetics and function, caregiving and welfare, life and death. By raising awareness and opening up society to these issues, not only those affected themselves, but also the care system around them will receive more attention and appreciation, and therefore more support. Building bridges with design: for a better quality of life in fragile times until the end of life.



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