Divisto Learning: Quenching generation Z’s thirst for knowledge

Young people gather together in two groups, with each looking at a tablet screen.

Google, YouTube, TikTok: The internet offers us a world of knowledge with just a click. The way in which we acquire information and hear stories is increasingly audiovisual – especially amongst children and young people. The opportunities for imparting knowledge in schools are great.

Audiovisual and interactive learning

The ‘Divisto Learning’ project, supported by the Migros Pioneer Fund, seeks to use that potential. Working with educational institutions, a programme is being formulated to support the needs of generation Z – digital, audiovisual and interactive. ‘Divisto Learning’ creates the infrastructure, including tools to cover the entire value-added chain, from creation to production and distribution.

A partner for educational institutions and publishers

The project team has developed software to enable educational publishers and other provides to audiovisually narrate knowledge content easily and efficiently. In addition to this tool, ‘Divisto Learning’ also offers consultancy and services in the field of visual storytelling and development. The project is also working on a platform that will allow schools and educational institutions central access to newly created formats.

Agile optimisation in the network

‘Divisto Learning’ is relying on collaboration to implement the project: the educational programme, as well as software and services, will be further developed and optimised in conjunction with educational publishers, teacher training colleges, teachers and students. This will help to elevate digitisation of education to a new level.

Divisto Learning: Quenching generation Z’s thirst for knowledge

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