Demokratis: strengthening democracy

demokratische Abstimmung

Laws regulate how we live together. The consultation procedure gives cantons, organisations and private individuals the opportunity to actively participate in the creation and validation of a draft law. At least in theory.

In practice, the process is opaque and complicated to handle. This is mainly due to the fact that positions are still based on the exchange of letters and the possibilities of digitalisation - collaborative work, language processing or the use of artificial intelligence - are only used sparingly or not at all.

Simplify the consultation procedure

The Demokratis project now wants to bring the consultation procedure into the digital age with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund. The aim is to increase the efficiency and potential of the consultation procedure for democratic participation.

The focus of the funding is on the development and commissioning of a central, independent online platform that simplifies access to and the drafting of statements on current consultations. Interaction options will facilitate and promote exchange, discussion and collaborative work in equal measure.

Facilitating political participation

The aim is to encourage the involvement of organisations and civil society in order to create solutions capable of winning majority support, even for complex problems. And the authorities also benefit, as the digital statements can be evaluated more effectively and efficiently.

Demokratis therefore not only creates a central and contemporary point of contact for participation in the consultation procedure, but also strengthens its integrative and stabilising effect on democracy as a whole.

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