Wocomoco: Rethinking mobility

A conference hall with a platform in the middle, a car stands in the foreground and in the background participants are seated at at tables.

Project completed

Our mobility is a major issue of this age. The fact is we need to make a joint effort to change things if we are to cut CO2 emissions from traffic – by adopting new drive forms, but also by reducing the actual number of vehicles. Renting and sharing instead of owning is one trend that has not yet gained broad-based popularity. Collaboration is the order of the day. But how will we get to that point? How will we shape the mobility of the future?

A conference that networks the players

The international mobility conference World Collaborative Mobility Congress, or Wocomoco for short, has looked into these questions. The Migros Pioneer Fund enabled the first three conferences as a way of creating a network among providers of collaborative mobility in Switzerland. The aim was to facilitate the social shift towards sustainable, efficient mobility and promote a political, economic and societal dialogue on «shared mobility».

Ideas becoming a reality

The pioneering project was completed in 2019, with seven conferences having been held. Many of the projects discussed have now become a reality or form the basis for current plans.

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