carvelo2go: Sharing is the new buying

A man riding a fully laden cargo bike along a city street.

Project completed  

Many transport tasks for which we currently use the car could also easily be accomplished by cargo bike. In cities such as Bern, Basel, St. Gallen and Vevey, the electric cargo bikes from carvelo2go are already part of the cityscape: families use them to take their kids to daycare, professionals deliver their packages to the post office, and others use them to transport home their big weekly grocery shop.

Launched by the carvelo initiative

In keeping with the motto «utilising instead of owning» the electric cargo bikes can be rented by the hour or the day from local hosts in the neighbourhood via the sharing platform www.carvelo2go.ch. Carvelo2go was launched in 2015 as part of the Swiss cargo bike initiative carvelo – which in turn is part of the TCS mobility academy – and the Migros Pioneer Fund, and has now been tested at a few locations. 

An everyday mobility option Switzerland-wide

The Migros Pioneer Fund paved the way for the service to become established in other Swiss cities, suburbs and communities for the long term and helped carvelo2go to establish a self-sustaining business model. The platform already has more than 360 cargo bikes at over 90 locations throughout Switzerland. The objective is to anchor the collective use of cargo bikes within the daily lives of the general public and integrate this into mobility networks.

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Photo/stage: TCS mobility academy

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