Timber Finance Initiative: Timber construction as a climate solution



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Switzerland wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. To reach this net zero goal, the construction industry in particular must be overhauled, since it accounts for 25% of Switzerland's CO2 emissions. Using timber as a raw material is one of the ways in which construction can be made more energy efficient and less harmful to the climate. That's because timberreplaces construction materials whose manufacture generates large amounts of CO2. Timber also stores CO2 in a lasting manner when it is part of a building. It thus offers dual benefits, but is used too little at the moment.

Forests and timber as a climate solution

With support from the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Timber Finance Initiative wants to make better use of the climate-protection potential that forests offer. To this end, it is developing sustainable investment opportunities for the forestry and timber industry. The aim is for more capital to flow into the industry to boost sustainable forest management and increase processing capacities. To appeal to investors and construction companies, the project is highlighting the ecological and economic benefits of using timber as a raw material. On the basis of its proprietary timber index and associated financial products, the project is developing new sustainable investment products, advising the timber and construction industry and creating a CO2 certification methodology for timber construction.

Sustainability for the timber industry

The Timber Finance Initiative is designed to help the timber industry become economically sustainable so that it can further replace other materials, such as concrete and steel, which are harmful to the climate.

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Timber Finance Initiative

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