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We always want to have the latest smartphone model, and we find that the novelty of a new sofa wears off in no time at all – our consumption levels are huge, especially when it comes to durable goods.

However, the manufacture and transport of these products consumes large amounts of raw materials and energy, thereby increasing our ecological footprint. More and more companies are no longer willing to accept this and are looking for solutions to extend the service life of their products.

A second-hand platform for retailers and brands

Loopia aims to help retailers and brands consider the circular economy as part of their business models. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, Loopia is developing a customisable software solution for the implementation of resale business models. In this way, companies not only give their products a second life, but also make second-hand goods an integral part of their e-commerce. Customers, in turn, are given the opportunity to offer their products – or buy second-hand products – within their familiar online store environment.

Longer service life thanks to a circular economy

Loopia aims to establish second-hand platforms in the product portfolio of retailers and brands in order to support them in fulfilling their ecological responsibility and extending the service life of durable goods in Switzerland. This results in fewer new purchases, which has a positive effect on reducing CO2 emissions and resource consumption.


Loopia is developing a customisable software solution for the implementation of resale business models. The project is the result of a longer development phase, which has already received support from the Migros Pioneer Fund. The original idea was to develop an app with which consumers could list and manage their electrical appliances. However, the store solution turned out to be more efficient and effective, as it allows brands and retailers to easily integrate the resale of used products into their own online offering, thus extending the service life of more products.

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