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Agriculture secures our livelihood. But what provides us with food also increasingly entails risks: Intensive farming can pollute groundwater, reduces soil fertility and endangers biodiversity. Many farmers are already using alternative methods to grow crops and vegetables. On small scales, these approaches are already working. Now the challenge is to show that they are both widely applicable and economically and technically scalable.

Regenerative mosaic farming: variety makes the difference

This is exactly what the HofLabor project wants to achieve with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund. In collaboration with pioneering farms, the project aims to further develop the regenerative mosaic farming approach and integrate it in farming practices throughout Switzerland. Combining traditional farming methods with modern technology, this concept relies on a mosaic-like structure in the field when growing cereal and vegetable crops. This results in innovative solutions in harmony with nature. Based on the experiences gained, HofLabor would like  to offer specific support to farms that are interested in converting to this method.

Easy-to-implement entry-level solutions are planned, which can be performed by means of a toolbox. In addition, an app will facilitate day-to-day work by providing specific knowledge as well as planning and decision-making support. The aim is to accompany farms in a concrete and needs-oriented way in the conversion and implementation of regenerative mosaic agriculture, which is not only ecologically but also economically sustainable.

Protecting our livelihood

HofLabor hopes to unlock the full potential of nature for the good of all. After all, nature conservation, climate protection and high-yield harvests need not be mutually exclusive. In collaboration with the farmers, the project makes a relevant contribution towards setting up sustainable farming and thus preserving our livelihood in the long-term.

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