Circular Hub: Promoting the circular economy

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There are only so many natural resources available on our planet. If they are to continue to supply us in the future, we now need to find ways of using them more efficiently. The concept of the circular economy offers relevant methods for doing this in a way that conserves these resources while still being economically viable at the same time. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland have potential in this area that has hardly been exploited to date.

Swiss companies have plenty of potential

As an open knowledge and networking platform, the Circular Hub pioneering project supports company processes as businesses transition from a linear to a circular economy. An application-oriented range of courses provides methodological knowledge and demonstrates concrete options for action. The project supports companies in their implementation of circular approaches to product and material innovation. The resulting success stories contribute to a broader implementation of resource-conserving business models within the economy.

An online platform makes knowledge and expertise from Switzerland and other European countries available and promotes cross-sector exchange between the players. The Circular Hub thus activates the potential of Swiss companies and prepares them for the implementation of circular strategies.

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