Call for tenders

Implementation of the “project space” funding initiative, preferably outside cities (1st cycle: September 2024-September 2025)

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  • The Migros Culture Percentage strengthens social cohesion in Switzerland. In the autumn of 2023, it piloted the project space funding programme.  
  • A project space is a local participation workshop in which people collaborate to address issues that have arisen in their projects. Thematically, project spaces are open to all kinds of projects that promote harmonious coexistence. 
  • For the set-up and expansion phase, which will begin in September 2024, we are looking for experienced host teams to implement one or two project spaces a year in the role of process facilitators.
  • Do you have experience in leading participatory workshops or participation processes? Are you an established team of two to five people? Would you like to help promote coexistence? Then apply directly here.
  • The call for tenders will run from 16 May to 23 June 2024.
  • "Project space" funding initiative

Application deadline: 23 June 2024  

“Project space” funding initiative

The deadline for applications is 23 June 2024.

Details of the call for tenders

We are looking for experienced host teams to implement the project space format in the role of process facilitators or multipliers. You will be responsible for planning the project spaces, carrying them out on site and following up on them. 

Your tasks 

  • Implementation of one or two project spaces a year, preferably outside cities (1st cycle: Sept. 2024–Sept. 2025)
  • Active recruitment and coordination of participants and projects 
  • Involvement of local host partners such as local associations, organisations or local authorities 
  • Follow-up advice in the event of queries from participants
  • Communication of events via own communication channels (and those of local partners) 
  • Willingness to engage in active local media work in advance
  • Communication with the Migros Culture Percentage; bilateral agreements or kick-off meeting

What you bring with you

  • Experience in moderating and leading participatory workshops or participation processes (a professional qualification is an advantage)
  • An established and diverse team of at least two and no more than five people who already have experience in collaborating as a team as well as an appropriate track record (independent or with legal sponsorship)
  • Willingness to take responsibility for the planning, organisation and implementation of project spaces (planning over several months)
  • Eagerness to act as an interface between the Migros Culture Percentage, participants and local partners
  • An existing network of socially relevant organisations and stakeholders
  • English (fluent) and German, French or Italian (fluent)

What we offer

  • A service contract with flat-rate remuneration per event (see below)
  • Participation in the annual learning festival (for networking and specialist exchange between actors in the field of participation)
  • Visibility as a host team with a picture on the programme page of the Migros Culture Percentage
  • Data storage for host teams to share existing documents and templates
  • An opportunity to get involved in the overarching further development of the Migros Culture Percentage's funding programme

Remuneration per project space

Planning, organisation and implementation of project space

Organisation, conception, communication/marketing, recruitment, participant management, moderation including preparation and follow-up: CHF 9000 (flat-rate fee)

Follow-up support 

Upon request by project organisers: up to CHF 1000 (depending on expenditure)


Rental costs, drinks reception, workshop materials and travel expenses: up to CHF 1500 (depending on expenditure)


Offer description

Migros Culture Percentage 

The Social Affairs team at the Social Affairs & Culture division of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives promotes social cohesion, supports social involvement and encourages constructive dialogue and meeting formats. 

Project space funding programme

  • A project space is a local workshop in which interested voluntary participants from the region work together to address specific issues arising from projects.
  • Thematically, project spaces are open to all kinds of projects that promote harmonious coexistence.
  • As an experienced host team, you will create a suitable framework for interactive co-creation, collaboration and networking.
  • Each project space lasts between three and four hours. In essence, it is based on the formats of the development space and the project forge, although there is flexibility in terms of the chosen methodology and implementation.
  • The aim is to promote social cohesion at the local level and strengthen the self-efficacy and resilience of the participants. The funding programme thereby contributes to the strategic field of action known as “Shaping the Future” (2024–2027).

Your application

Would you like to take on the implementation of one or two project spaces a year? Then apply directly via this website by 23 June 2024

What happens next

  1. You will have an opportunity to ask us questions during the information call at 2 to 3 p.m. on 4 June 2024 (only in German). This meeting is optional. 
  2. After the application deadline has passed, we will review your submission and reply by mid-July 2024. 
  3. If your entry is short-listed, we will arrange a personal meeting with you to discuss our respective expectations and the next steps. 
  4. You will then have one week in which to decide and let us know whether you are definitely interested in a mandate. 
  5. We will then select the host teams based on their experience, regional preferences and availability. These teams will be informed immediately.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please write to sandro.hodel@mgb.ch.

Photo: Anna-Tina Eberhard