Project space: advancing social projects together

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Do you want to help improve harmonious coexistence in your city, neighbourhood or village? Then the Migros Culture Percentage project space is the right place for you!

Who is the project space suitable for?

  • Project organisers: you are implementing a local social project (either alone or as part of a group) and facing a specific issue. You are open to sharing this issue with others and listening to their experiences and perspectives. You are interested in networking with others on your issue. 

  • Co-thinkers: you want to support harmony in your local community and contribute your perspective, expertise and your network. 

Examples of projects that have sought advice in the project space and benefited from networking: 

  • A neighbourhood project for an underdeveloped district
  • Shared meals as a culturally diverse meeting place
  • An intergenerational housing project launched by a cooperative
  • A sponsorship project for young people
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Strengthening local projects and local commitment 

A project space is a participation workshop that is held in a local catchment area. You work together to address issues arising from the presented projects. Thematically, the project space is open to any undertaking that fosters harmonious coexistence. An experienced moderation team creates a suitable framework for co-creation, collaboration and networking. The Migros Culture Percentage thus supports local projects that promote social cohesion.

From September 2024 onwards, regular project spaces will take place across various regions and parts of Switzerland. The dates of these will be announced in September 2024.

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What is a project space?

A project space brings together people who want to get involved in their city, neighbourhood or village. Some have an idea and want to implement a local project or are already doing so. Others wish to contribute their thoughts and perspective.

In the workshop, everyone gets to know each other and work on the project ideas in small groups. Project organisers present their project and offer an issue for discussion. Co-thinkers contribute their perspective and network to address these issues.

The aim is to help project organisers move "one step further" on the basis of the feedback received. Project spaces thus connect people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills. 

Further information on project spaces

Collaborating to encourage participation

Like similar actors, the Migros Culture Percentage is committed to a culture of participation with the aim of forging a sustainable society. It collaborates closely with participation experts from German-speaking countries. The annual Migros Culture Percentage Learning Festival promotes networking and professional exchange.  

Photos: Anna-Tina Eberhard

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