«This is a huge opportunity for us»


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Die vier Mitglieder von Batbait auf dem Dach des Parkhauses neben der ZHDK

The garage rock band Batbait picked up two awards at the m4music festival. The female quartet now wants to take it to the next level.

Names Alanah Rüttiman (30), Sandra Keller (28), Simona Bischof (31) and Gianna Brühwiler (27) (from left) 

Places of residence  Zurich and St. Gallen 

What we are currently doing «When we found out that our song «In Fiction» had won awards in both the «Rock» and «Demo of the Year» categories at the m4music festival, we couldn't believe it at first. This is a huge opportunity for us. 2020 was a difficult year for musicians. The lack of concerts meant that we barely had a chance to make ourselves known to the public. We've been practising together in our present quartet for just over six months, but we haven't yet been able to play a gig together. That hurts. We're therefore all the more delighted that the prize money of CHF 8000 will now enable us to concentrate fully on producing our first album, which we hope to release by the end of the yally want to go full speed ahead.»

Die Frauenband Batbait auf dem Dach des Parkhauses neben der Zürcher Kunstschule für darstellende Künste ZHDK

The all-female band Batbait on the roof of the multi-storey car park next to the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK), where they shot their last video. 

Our roots «The band was founded by Gianna and Sandra while they were both studying Art Education at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhdK).»

Our philosophy «We often discuss issues addressed in the book «Sex Revolts», which focuses on the perception of women in rock music. We too have had negative experiences in this respect. Female musicians still face a great many clichés. That's annoying and it's high time it finally changed.»

Our first fan «We played our first concert at the ZHdK. The daughter of the organiser drew this flyer especially for our gig. On it was a bat and two baby bats.»

Our location «We shot the video for our latest song, «Telly», on the roof of the Pfingstweid multi-storey car park due to the urban atmosphere and the unique view of the city.»

Our trophies «The two awards are proudly on display in our practice room. They're a huge motivational force for us now.»

Our favourite record «All four of us like the album ‹Help› by Thee Oh Sees, and its cover art also suits us perfectly. The music is a source of inspiration for us.»

M-Classic Popcorn gesalzen

Our favourite Migros product

«We always have a packet of popcorn at every band practice session, and it‘s usually empty before we get to our last song.»


Batbait in Proberaum

The Batbait band room in Oerlikon

Die beiden Bandgründerinnnen: Sandra Keller (rechts) und Gianna Brühwiler diskutieren in ihrem Proberaum in Zürich Oerlikon.

The two founders of the band: Sandra Keller (right) and Gianna Brühwiler in discussion in their rehearsal room in Zurich Oerlikon.

Buch «SEX REVOLTS» auf einem Schlagzeug

The book «Sex Revolts» is often a topic of conversation

Sandra Keller und Gianna Brühwiler halten eine Illustration einer Fledermaus vor einem Regenbogen.

Flyer for the very first concert

Effektgerät mit Fledermausillustration

Personalized effect machine

Gewinnerband Batbait mit ihren beiden Trophäen

The two awards are a great motivator

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