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Looking deep into Lear’s soul

Under its new director Ina Karr, Lucerne Theatre probes our «Innermost Feelings» in its 2021/22 season. Under this banner, Karr’s first season in Lucerne explores existential topics, big characters and new stories with innovative stagings. In short, soul-stirring performances lie in store. Classics such as William Shakespeare’s «King Lear» also fit this billing. Never did a poet explore human suffering with more powerful language, never was the fine line between trust and betrayal portrayed more disturbingly than in this play, which shows all that can go awry in the transfer of power and responsibility.

With a 35% discount

Lucerne Theatre goes to the heart of the matter. If Shakespeare’s tragedy teaches us anything, it is how little we understand the human psyche. Director Heike M. Goetze seeks out the real essence, a world away from gaudy affectation and artificiality. The Culture Percentage theatre subscription entitles members of Migros Cooperative Lucerne to a 35% discount on the standard ticket prices for eight selected performances. Discounted tickets are also available for individual performances from the subscription programme.

The 2021/22 theatre subscription performances 

  • «King Lear» (play), 23 October 2021, 19:30 

  • «Le nozze di Figaro» (opera), 7 November 2021, 19:00 

  • «From Human to Kind» (dance), 6 December 2021, 19:30 

  • «Macbeth» (opera), 4 February 2022, 19:30 

  • «The Rape of Lucretia» (opera), 24 March 2022, 19:30 

  • «Der Chor» (play), 9 April 2022, 19:30 

  • «Network» (play), 14 May 2022, 19:30 

  • «verWANDLUNGEN» (dance), 18 June 2022, 19:30 

Individual tickets can be reserved at the earliest one month before the date of the performance. 

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Covid-19 safeguards: The organisers meet the hygiene requirements laid down by the Federal Office of Public Health (protection concept). 

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