A passion for engagement

Young people in front of a stage where a band is playing

Migros Lucerne engages with the people of central Switzerland through the Culture Percentage.

Migros puts about 1% of revenue back into society. The Migros Culture Percentage supports a wide range of projects in the areas of education (Club School), culture, leisure, sport and social affairs.  

Projects based in the cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri and Zug can apply for funding using this web form. Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before the date of the event or project start. 

Please note our guidelines and funding criteria.


We support only organisations / institutions that are not self-sustaining, are non-profit-making, or are not commercial ventures. 

We support projects and institutions that can demonstrate a need for financing, can present an appropriate budget, and can guarantee that the funds received will be used appropriately. 

Recipients will be eligible for funding only once per calendar year. 

Funding is not renewed automatically for annually recurring projects. Their validity, status, and scope need to be examined each year afresh. 

We support exclusively projects in the areas of culture, social issues, leisure and sport. All these areas are treated equally. 

We support exclusively projects in the market area of Migros Lucerne, which comprises the cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri and Zug. All regions within the market area of Migros Cooperative Lucerne receive commensurate levels of funding. 

We support projects that could not be realised without our help. We are especially open to getting involved in new, unconventional ventures and projects that promote diversity internally (e.g. through composition, structures) and externally (e.g. through partnerships, topics). 

Projects outside central Switzerland 

Projects in the area of education 

Public‐law institutions and their projects (including schools) 

Profit-making ventures 

Projects that have already taken place and applications submitted late 

Private projects and internal events 

Private individuals (e.g. scholarships) 

General benefactor contributions and membership fees 

Restoration and construction projects 

Political parties 

Religious events and projects 

School, technical college and university projects (including private schools), except school camps 

Projects and assignments in a school / college environment 

Charity and benefit events 

If your project meets our guidelines,
you can apply for funding here using this web form

Migros Lucerne’s own projects and events

As well as supporting external projects, the Culture Percentage of Migros Lucerne runs the following projects and events:

  • Kebab+: Supports projects that promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle among young people 
  • Tavolata: The network for self-organised dining communities
Two Padelta founder-members in Rothenburg holding padel rackets

The Migros Culture Percentage supports the Padelta start-up, which offers the new racket sport in a sports hall in Rothenburg.

Padel tennis isn’t a water sport

You can try out this new racket sport in Rothenburg. A fun time is guaranteed!

Child with teacher at a piano, with other children watching

Kultissimo runs kids’ workshops on music, art, dance and drama.


A fun way for children to discover diverse areas of culture.

The two founders of DIE Kulturschachtel standing at a  car emblazoned with advertising lettering, one of them is holding a parcel

The gift of music or literature that includes a personal touch – that’s DIE Kulturschachtel.

Culture to give away

DIE Kulturschachtel supplies music and literature in the form of short videos. The giver adds a personal touch with a greeting to the recipient, delivered by a presenter.

A person filling out paper forms

Giving and receiving is the currency used at the Zeitgut cooperative.

Paying with time

The Zeitgut cooperative wants to promote district and neighbourhood assistance. What makes Zeitgut distinctive is that you pay with time credits instead of money.


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Migros Culture Percentage 
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