Beekeeper training – saving bees

Beekeeper holding a half-filled honeycomb.

Project completed

Bees are vital to pollinating fruit and vegetable plants – and play a key role in our ecosystem. If they go missing, the consequences for successful crops are dire. Beekeepers therefore have an increasingly important role as the «guardians » of bee populations. Because beekeeping is often merely a hobby, it is vital to provide beekeepers with more specialist knowledge.

Helping bees to survive

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, a beekeeper training course was developed. This professional development programme includes basic knowledge as well as the latest findings on such matters as diseases. The course combines theory and practice and is designed to raise standards of beekeeping in Switzerland so that bee populations are cared for optimally and can thrive.

Course now established

By the time funding came to an end, nine courses had started successfully in German and French-speaking Switzerland. The offering was warmly received from the start and is now a mainstream course. With its handover to Imkerbildung Schweiz GmbH, which is part of the umbrella organization of the Apicultural Associations of Switzerland, the professional development programme can continue to be offered in the long term.

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Beekeeper training

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Photo/stage: Daniel Rihs

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