A platform for the future of bees

A bee pollinating a flower.

Project completed

All over the world, breeding and nesting sites for bees are being lost, and more and more bee populations are simply dying out. The reasons are many and varied: climate change, use of pesticides, the loss of habitats as humans encroach. But without bees our entire ecosystem is in peril, because they pollinate around one-third of all agricultural crops. We have no option other than to recreate bee-friendly landscapes.

Gathering knowledge on bee health

The platform dedicated to the future of bees aims to make a start here. Enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project has systematically gathered in-depth knowledge about bee health and prepared it in a user-friendly form. This knowledge is made available as practical hints to anyone who is able to help honey and wild bee habitats through their actions.

For specialists and amateurs

Drawing on specialist assistance, 14 separate guides for stakeholder groups have been compiled: from amateur gardners and beekeepers to farmers and foresters, to construction companies and horiculturalists, anyone whether a specialist or an amateur can find important recommendations on how to make their environment bee-friendly.

The most important findings will remain accessible on the Migros Pioneer Fund website even after the conclusion of the project.

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