Being mobile: Tomorrow’s mobility

A busy rail underpass. © Sebastian-Julian

Project completed

Mobility is much more than just movement from one place to another. It makes relationships, independence and social participation possible. The pioneering project being and staying mobile combines the two megatrends of digitalisation and demographic change. In its start-up phase it enjoyed the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund.

Future-proof solutions

We can’t hold back the ageing process. But how can we stay mobile for as long as possible? The project identifies inhibition thresholds and makes safe and future-proof solutions accessible, including for increasingly digitised forms of mobility. These are taught in user-friendly courses and workshops. In addition to information, concrete suggestions are offered for experimentation and bundled onto a platform.

The Switzerland-wide initiative promotes active exchange within the community, while also networking participating players such as the public sector, businesses and organisations.

New approaches for life

In order to anchor new forms of mobility, being and staying mobile encourages people to reflect on their own behaviour and to try out new environmentally friendly options. This produces better quality of life, and a society that stays mobile well into old age.

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Photo/stage: Sebastian-Julian

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