Stapferhaus: A home for pioneering spirit

A large, dark building displaying the lettering «Stapferhaus». People are gathered in front of the entrance.

Project completed

The Stapferhaus has made a name for itself with visionary exhibition concepts on relevant issues of our time and developed from a long-term provisional setup into a «House of the Now».

Settled yet agile

With the opening of the new building at Lenzburg station in October 2018, the Stapferhaus was given its first permanent home in its 60-year history. Its new premises provide a flexible platform for major themed exhibitions and are a recognised venue for discourse on matters concerning contemporary society.

The Migros Pioneer Fund helped the Stapferhaus along its path towards a settled existence. The funding aim was to preserve dynamism and agility as part of the Stapferhaus DNA in its new home. Organisational development was one of the areas earmarked for improvement. New communication and dialogue concepts were also developed and implemented.

Receptive to active dialogue

The «newۚ» Stapferhaus has consequently preserved its «old» identity: as a place for encounters and sharing. A place where socially relevant and even contentious issues are tackled with courage and pioneering spirit, to open up new horizons and promote an active dialogue.

Stapferhaus logo


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