paul&I: Promoting participation processes

Five cyclists riding along a road with the buildings of the Zentrum Paul Klee in the background.

The Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern houses the world’s largest collection of the artist’s works. The multi-special-interest building provides exhibitions, concerts, readings, dance events and numerous other offerings both for an international audience and for the people of Bern themselves. In order to further anchor the Zentrum Paul Klee locally and regionally, the project paul&I is initiating participation processes with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund.

An invitation to participate

The aim is to further develop and strengthen this lively cultural and meeting place. In order to get to know the needs of the local population better, contact is being made with various players such as community associations, neighbours, schools and other organisations. In curated processes, their wishes and expectations of the Zentrum Paul Klee are being collected, with the Bern public invited to collaborate.

Revolving around Paul Klee

Possible programmes are low-threshold offerings such as collaboration with playgrounds, a joint lantern festival or the participation of the Bernese in the 15th anniversary of the Zentrum Paul Klee.«paul&I» sees itself as an exemplary attempt to establish a sustainable dialogue between the Zentrum Paul Klee and the public.

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Photo/stage: Nicole Philipp

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