National Museum: Experiencing cultural history digitally

The historical photo shows a group of men at the Allschwil Mechanical Tileworks, 1898. Photo: Eduard Müller. © Swiss National Museum

Project completed

The Swiss National Museum owns a unique collection on Swiss cultural history and handicrafts from the beginnings up to the present day. The sheer size of the collection has meant for a long time it has only been possible to display a small proportion of it.

Pioneering work thanks to digitisation

Enabled by the Migros Pioneer fund, the National Museum Zurich started a pioneering venture in 2013 and became one of the first museums to use digitisation to capture previously unknown photographic documents and graphic works digitally. Thanks to these efforts, hitherto unknown exhibits are now permanently available to the public.

Exhibitions via the online Study Centre

the Swiss Natiunal Museum have since been systematically processed, captured and made accessible to the public online. Exhibitions offering a first look at this comprehensive collection include «Gut zum Druck. Kunst und Werbung bei Wolfensberger» (2013/2014) and «Work. Photographs 1860–2015» (2015/2016). A selection of the exhibits has been permanently available to researchers in the National Museum’s new Study Centre since 2016.

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Photo/stage: © Swiss National Museum

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