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Every two years the Migros Culture Percentage stages the biggest festival of contemporary dance throughout Switzerland. Since 1988, national and international dance companies have toured the entire country for a three-week period. With around 70 performances in over 30 towns and villages, the festival attracts a total audience of 30,000 across every region of Switzerland.

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Visual Steps 2024 © Gian Paul Lozza

Steps 2024

The 19th edition of our dance festival will take place from April 24 to May 19, 2024. The program has something for everyone: well-known names, celebrated choreographers and promising talents - from Switzerland and abroad. With their different artistic styles, they conjure up a variety of stories on Switzerland's stages, all waiting to be discovered by the audience.


© Javier Rodriguez Cobos

Steps 2024: Frank Fannar Pedersen, Selina Beghetto and Marine Besnard (first, third and fourth from the left) form the new artistic direction team and are responsible for the Steps stage programme. Valeria Felder is in charge of the festival direction (second from the left).

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Throughout Switzerland: Steps brings contemporary dance to all regions of the country. From the countryside to the city, in the German- and French-speaking areas and in Ticino – with the support of our more than 30 partner theatres, we reach all parts of the country.

4_Steps2016_CandocoDanceCompany© ChristianAltorfer

Candoco Dance Company, Steps 2016 © Christian Altorfer

Inclusion: we have been programming productions by and with people with and without disabilities since 2006. Steps is recognised with the «Kultur inklusiv» label.


Visual Steps 2022 © Fluxs Artwork

Sustainable: we have been strategically managing the environmental impact of our festival since 2022.


Workshop 2022 Dickson Mbi © Claudia Toggweiler

Inspiring the Swiss dance scene: our workshops, led by well-known choreographers, inspire dance professionals in Switzerland.


Workshop Baar © Christoph Riebli

Mediation: we are committed to getting the Swiss population excited about contemporary dance, for example, with the «Dance with your Association» mediation program in 2022.

Program 2024

«Story, story, die.» winter guests

«Story, story, die.» winter guests © Mats Bäcker

«Kantik» Compagnie Sam-Hester

«Kantik» Compagnie Sam-Hester © Gregory Batardon

«BKLDOG» Far From The Norm

«BKLDOG» Far From The Norm © Camilla Greenwell

«The Dancing Public» Mette Ingvartsen

«The Dancing Public» Mette Ingvartsen © Hans Meijer

«Assembly Hall» Kidd Pivot

«Assembly Hall» Kidd Pivot © Michael Slobodian

«The Others» Anton Lachky Company

«The Others» Anton Lachky Company © Romain Vennekens

«Les Porte-Voix» Cie. Arts Mouvementés

«Les Porte-Voix» Cie. Arts Mouvementés © Anne-Laure Lechat

«Tristan and Isolde» Saburo Teshigawara, Rihoko Sato

«Tristan and Isolde» Saburo Teshigawara, Rihoko Sato © Kotaro Nemoto

«An Accident / A Life» Marc Brew Company / Eastman

«An Accident / A Life» Marc Brew Company / Eastman © Susan Hay

Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps

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Photo/stage: Visual Steps 2024 © Gian Paul Lozza

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