We.Publish bolsters media diversity in Switzerland


Journalistic quality and diversity are under threat in the ever-dwindling Swiss media landscape. New solutions are required to combat fake news and the increasing polarisation of society. Financing independent media through membership subscriptions is one such solution. Rather than paying to read individual content, users pay for content as a whole that is not hidden behind paywalls. However, until now, these media outlets have gone it alone. They face high costs while their content has less reach and attracts less attention.


Cooperation instead of competition

We.Publish wants to promote independent and trustworthy voices in the Swiss media landscape and create synergies that encourage high-quality journalism. With support from the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Foundation is testing a new peering approach. Thanks to shared IT infrastructure, the connected media outlets will not only save costs, but will also be able to share selected articles with each other and jointly disseminate them. Everyone stands to benefit. Users receive access to even more well-researched and high-quality content and journalists enjoy a broader audience for their work and benefit from the synergies, which provide them with resources for new research.

More trust in the media

We.Publish aims to promote media diversity in Switzerland and increase public trust in the media. Joint cooperation makes independent media more economically viable and can provide more valuable content at a lower cost, strengthening trustworthy journalism instead of fake news.

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