VillageOffice: Working where we live

Three young people sitting facing each other across a large desk, working at screens.

Project completed

Thanks to digitalisation and new information technologies, today we no longer all need to work in major centres. The VillageOffice cooperative uses this potential to bring work back to where we live: with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, it has built a Swiss-wide network of local coworking spaces. 

Less traffic, more quality of life

The VillageOffice vision for 2030: that everyone in Switzerland can reach their nearest coworking space within 15 minutes by public transport or bicycle. The aim is not to replace the traditional workplace, but instead to compliment it sensibly, for the benefit of both employers and employees, the environment and society. This will reduce commiting, strengthen local communities and create working spaces in keeping with the times. Shorter distances to work also mean better quality of life.  

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