Rez Actifs: for a sustainable neighbourhood

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Today, sustainability is a matter of routine for us in many ways. In theory. In practical terms, it is often a constant weighing up of the pros and cons. For example, how does it impact my ecological footprint if I use the car instead of walking for my sustainable local organic food shopping? It makes a big difference. So, it would be much better for the planet - and our convenience - if we had what we need right on our doorstep. So far so good. But how is that supposed to work?

Urban planning for a good life

The Rez Actifs project, which promotes the creation and dissemination of so-called "One Planet Neighbourhoods" with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, addresses this issue. This means neighbourhoods that focus equally on the well-being of their residents and that of the planet. The organisation behind the project is APRES-Genève, which has been successfully helping to plan and design sustainable districts in the canton of Geneva since 2013.

The aim of the funding is to disseminate the concept first in Geneva and then beyond. Specifically, this means that the establishment of small and sustainable stores and services is actively considered and promoted when premises become available or - even better - when planning new urban districts. To this end, Rez Actifs works closely with urban planning and neighbourhood development, providing advice and support in the search for and selection of suitable business tenants.

Economic change at the local level

The project also offers active support for the sustainable small and micro-enterprises themselves, such as services and advice to help get them off the ground. Starting locally, Rez Actifs is driving ecological and social economic change in Switzerland.


Rez Actifs

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