lunchidee: Promoting sustainable eating

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Project completed

Eat an apple instead of chocolate; pick the vegetarian option instead of the schnitzel. It’s really not that hard to develop healthy habits. Theoretically, at least. Often it’s daily life that plays an important role in how we behave in actual situations. Like on our lunch break, when we don’t have a lot of time.

Ideas for restaurateurs and guests

This is where lunchidee comes in. This pioneering project made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund promotes sustainable, healthy habits during lunch out of the office, advocating the conscious enjoyment of what we eat. As part of the project, food service professionals receive knowledge and skills so they can offer enjoyable, balanced, socially acceptable, eco-friendly dishes. Every month, lunchidee supplies restaurateurs with inspiring ideas and useful background information, with practical tips for their guests, who benefit from a delicious lunch that makes them think about their own eating behaviour.

Network, knowledge and inputs

The content was created over the course of the three-year pilot project (2017-2020). The evaluation report confirms that the personnel at the participating restaurants have been paying more attention to sustainability and health aspects. lunchidee connects restaurateurs, organises input events and makes contextual knowledge, project activities and results available to the public on its website. For a future-proof food culture that’s good for everyone.

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