OK KLIMA: Effective local climate policy


Everyone agrees on the goal: for a future worth living, we must become climate-neutral. However, there is disagreement about the remaining time window and how to get there. Switzerland has committed itself to net zero by 2050 under the Paris Climate Agreement, and the Climate Alliance Switzerland wants to achieve this goal by 2040. With the current political measures, however, the country is likely to miss even the less ambitious timetable by quite a margin.

The OK Climate project has set out to change this. Its starting point is regional and local policy, because municipalities and cantons play a key role in implementing an efficient and effective climate policy. They receive two thirds of all public funding and define the local frameworks. So there is a lot of potential here, but it is not yet being sufficiently exploited. This is partly due to a lack of knowledge about possible measures and their effectiveness.

A platform for climate data

With support from Migros Pioneer Fund and the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, OK Klima is building a nationwide information and collaboration platform for collecting data on the implementation of local climate policy, analysing its effectiveness and presenting the results transparently. Cantons and municipalities can use the results to review their climate policy and improve it with targeted measures. At the same time, the data basis gives climate-conscious private individuals and civil society organisations insights into local climate policy, empowering them to demand evidence-based concrete political measures and support initiatives.

Climate commitment starts at the regional level

Regional climate protection is a major lever on the way to net zero. OK Klima is on a mission to leverage this potential through targeted information and educational work. The project also promotes collaboration and highlights that – and how – each and every individual can make an effective contribution.


OK Klima

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Foto/Bühne: OK Klima

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