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Biodiversity is essential for life: together, animals, plants and micro-organisms ensure that we have clean water, fresh air and fertile soil. Dwindling biodiversity is imbalancing entire ecosystems and will likely present an increasingly significant risk for our society and our economy. «Nature-based» solutions help to protect natural ecosystems and restore them sustainably. They hold economic potential too, which has not yet been exhausted. There is a lack of uniform criteria, networks and, above all, money.

An accelerator for cooperation and financing

Innovate 4 Nature is convinced that investing in nature pays off. With the support of Migros Pioneer Fund, this ground-breaking project aims to create the first marketplace to bring start-ups focused on nature-based solutions into contact with investors and companies that can help them scale up their activities. The project sees itself as an accelerator. It targets its offering at three main groups. Start-ups that offer nature-based solutions will benefit from professionalisation, networking and investment. Impact investors will gain access to promising start-ups. And companies that wish to apply nature-based solutions to their supply chains will be able to profit from start-ups' expertise within the context of cooperative activities or (further) develop their own nature-based solutions with the help of the accelerator programme.

100 projects by 2030

The aim of Innovate 4 Nature is to help improve natural ecosystems and preserve biodiversity. To this end, the project has set itself ambitious goals: the accelerator would like to present more than 100 certified nature-based solutions on its platform by 2030.

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