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Every day, some 2.9 million people in Switzerland eat out, go to a canteen or restaurant. A flourishing business. And yet the foodservice industry is in crisis: difficult working conditions and rigid structures lead to frustration and staff shortages.

Moreover, the Swiss food system is currently responsible for a third of the national environmental impact – with gastronomy accounting for a major share of that. What is needed is a concept of environmental and social sustainability that involves employees and takes the sector into the future.

A network for gastronomic transformation

GastroFutura wants to change this: together with the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project plans to bring sustainability to the gastro scene by reducing environmental impacts and disrupting structural conditions through innovative models. The project relies on self-efficacy and peer learning for this transformation.

The team develops moderated local communities where industry stakeholders – from chefs to restaurants to networks and associations – can share ideas and jointly develop problem solutions. The aim is to show restaurateurs and caterers what they can do, encourage them to take action and provide them with the tools they need. The advice offered will also help to identify individual opportunities and implement change immediately.

Prepared for the future at all levels

A gastronomy sector that is prepared for the future must be more sustainable on a social, ecological and economic level. And this can only happen if all stakeholders work together to uncover and transform current structures together. The potential is there.

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