Airfix: an ecosystem for net zero in Switzerland

Entsorgung Zimmerberg, KVA Horgen

With the backing of the Migros Pioneer Fund, Airfix is creating an ecosystem to advance CO₂ removal from biomass.

Net zero by 2050: the objective is clear. Halting climate change requires us to not only drastically reduce our CO₂ emissions, but also to extract damaging gases from the atmosphere. Therefore, nature-based solutions such as reforestation are positive and important - but are insufficient on their own to curb net emissions. This makes it essential to also pursue highly effective technical solutions as soon as possible, such as carbon removal and storage.

Construction, agriculture, fossil fuels... CO₂ is released in most areas of human activity. It’s even emitted by our waste: biomass plants and waste incinerators account for a significant proportion of Swiss CO₂ emissions. We have long had access to technical solutions which allow us to filter and capture the CO₂ from our emissions, but these are not commonly used around the world: the processes are too cost-intensive, and the infrastructure for transport & long-term storage was simply not available.

This is where Airfix comes in: with the backing of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project will create an ecosystem which can not only help facilitate CO₂ absorption at biomass plants and waste incinerators, but also make long-term storage technically and financially viable.

In the future, operators of biomass or waste incineration plants with Airfix will have a point of contact for all issues and queries: the project offers assistance covering everything from advice and planning throughout the entire project to financing of CO₂ removal infrastructure. As such, the pioneer project is important in helping Switzerland achieve its climate targets.

Horgen pilot waste incineration project

Airfix has begun work on a waste incinerator in Horgen in the canton of Zurich, where it is supporting the regional waste disposal association in creating the conditions for removing 30,000 metric tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere every year. The pioneering project is designed to test the undertaking and show its potential.

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Photo/stage: Entsorgung Zimmerberg / zvg

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