Laufmeter: Sustainable fashion

Fashion show in the street

Wearing high-quality clothes for longer, buying them regionally and fairly: Slow Fashion is the counter-movement to Fast Fashion. It stands for the conscious use of resources, even in your closet. But the social and environmental conditions in which fashion is made, as well as the production channels, are often murky. Not at Laufmeter: with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, this pioneering project brings Swiss fashion straight to its clientele – with simplicity and clarity, by analogue and digital means.

Close collaboration with Swiss fashion labels

For its online shop, Laufmeter works in close partnership with Swiss designers. The shop stocks a carefully curated selection of high-end garments, basics and accessories by Swiss fashion labels. The range is gradually being expanded, including with specials developed together with the labels. As well as operating its online platform, Laufmeter regularly invites people to viewings in its showroom and organises pop-up sales events at selected venues. 

Setting an example with fashion

Laufmeter events revolve around its «uf dr Gass» fashion shows, which were successfully launched a few years ago in Bern and have now been rolled out across Switzerland. These events turn city streets into a catwalk: selected labels demonstrate how diverse Swiss fashion design is and what Slow Fashion is all about. The garments on display can be tried on and bought there and then.

Laufmeter showcases sustainability in the fashion world and gives fashion followers an opportunity to set an example of more responsible consumption through their own buying decisions.


Laufmeter fashion show with applauding onlookers

Photo: Anne Camille Vaucher

Laufmeter fashion show in a red-carpeted Bern street

Photo: Anne Camille Vaucher

Laufmeter photo shoot: Men and women posing

Photo: Angelika Annen

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Photo/stage: Michèle Büschi

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