Cinefile: Quality not quantity

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Project completed

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ oder Apple TV: international streaming platforms are booming, providers are falling over each other to produce new content. But users are not necessarily  benefitting from this phenomenon: the range to choose from is growing almost exponentially – yet how does one choose? And at the same time, it is becoming ever more difficult for independent and small studios to get their films and series into the nation’s living rooms.

A painstakingly curated selection of films

Cinefile aims to change all that. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund the project has created a streaming service for lovers of international and Swiss art house and independent films. The representative range of films offered has been carefully curated and prepared by film experts. In addition to the films there is background and bonus material, interviews and discussions. Users can decide for themselves whether they want to subscribe to a season or stream films individually.

Gaining an overview in the cine-jungle

And because a true cinephile loves the big screen, Cinefile also covers the Swiss world of cinema: from multiplexes to art house cinemas and open air festivals – the platform provides the full range, including content summaries, trailers, ratings and short reviews.

Cinefile not only proves that streaming and the big screen are not mutually exclusive, it also offers amazing finds from the film archives and pearls of Swiss and art house film history – whilst guiding film lovers unfailingly through the cine-jungle.

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