Venture Kick: From idea to entrepreneurial success

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Project completed

Business ideas that are the result of research are often innovative and complex. But bringing them on, putting together a business plan and marketing them are steps for which many research projects and start-ups from the university environment need support.

From university to big business

Venture Kick was established in 2007 to provide an interface between research and entrepreneurship. The number of spin-offs coming straight out of Swiss universities is expected to double. The goal is to shorten time to market and increase the appeal of new ventures for professional investors.

Driving and shaping innovation

Budding entrepreneurs learn how to acquire clients and win over investors. The project is open to students, researchers and lecturers from Swiss universities. The chosen start-up projects go through a three-stage application process. In addition to financial support, they also profit from workshops and an extensive network. 

Thanks to the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, Venture Kick has been able to step up its ambitious programme. Venture Kick is now part of the kickfund, which aims to position Venture Kick more effectively within Switzerland’s innovations ecosystem. 


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Venture Kick

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