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To create a green, social economy at the global level, we need to start locally. There is no shortage of ideas and projects. What is often missing is viable financing concepts and access to impact-oriented investors looking to bring about positive social and environmental change. With this in mind, new avenues need to be explored, as well as to forge forward-thinking alliances.

Making sustainability financially attractive

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Impact Club wants to get the ball rolling with a pilot project in Ticino, connecting sustainable and social companies with impact-oriented funders such as philanthropists, impact investors and foundations. 

The project team's two most important tasks are (1) helping social companies and changemakers in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland to turn their business ideas into economically viable options and (2) creating a lively community of potential investors and advising them on the development of new financing models. A monitoring system will be set up to assess the impacts of every investment on the basis of the United Nation's seventeen Sustainable Development Goals.

A model for the future of Switzerland

The findings and solutions from the pilot project in Ticino will then be made available throughout Switzerland with the aim of supporting and inspiring imitation projects. By promoting a more sustainable local economy, the Impact Club aims to drive forward systemic change beyond Ticino.

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