Ventures in the fields of community life, health and education

Kinder und Erwachsene beim Kunstzeughaus Rapperswil

Migros Commitment grants support and boost innovative project proposals geared towards participation, personal responsibility and social relevance.

We promote social cohesion. By providing funding, the Migros Culture Percentage supports and encourages innovative project ideas that revolve around participation, individual responsibility and social relevance. Projects may be regional, national or international in scope.

Within Switzerland, the focus is on activities in the following areas:

  • gender
  • inter-generational relationships
  • health (especially the promotion of mental and social health)
  • promoting creativity
  • early-years education
  • life and family models
  • migration/integration
  • new and open learning cultures
  • neighbourhood development
  • volunteering and civil society

When assessing projects we place particular emphasis on sustainability, professionalism, good governance, effectiveness, gender & diversity and the proportionate use of resources.

Does your project have national impact?

The Society and Culture Division supports social projects that aim for a national or interregional impact or are of a pilot nature.

Contact for societal/social grants:

Susi Sennhauser, susi.sennhauser@mgb.ch

Possible in German and French

More funding

Migros Culture Percentage regional funding

Does your project have a regional or local impact? Find out if and how your project can be funded in your region. Please state the postcode of where most of your project will take place (exception for warehouse: please give the postcode of the company headquarters).

Migros Aid Fund seed funding

As part of a pilot project, Migros Aid Fund offers seed funding to small Swiss projects that benefit the regional development of economically underdeveloped areas. The projects, with a maximum budget of CHF 100,000, must make a contribution to agricultural, tourist, technical or economic development in the region. Creative and social projects are excluded.

Funding for NGOs

Are you, according to your Articles of Association, a non-profit organisation for international development, based in Switzerland, with several years of experience and a minimum annual turnover of CHF 300,000? The Migros Aid Fund supports development projects with a professional and sustainable approach. Your budget is at least CHF 180,000 to CHF 200,000.