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A total of 13 films on the 2022 Solothurn Film Days programme were sponsored by the Migros Culture Percentage! We spoke to Nadine Adler Spiegel, Director of the Migros Cultural Percentage Story Lab, about why it is important for films to grapple with societal taboos and how social media is upending traditional film-making. 

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Nadine Adler Spiegel

Nadine Adler Spiegel, Direction Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab, Foto © Jasmin Frei

«Films build bridges»

What are the selection criteria that determine whether or not a film will receive funding?

We fund films that grapple with the most important issues facing our society, and certainly ones that take a critical view. «A ciel ouvert» offers a behind-the-scenes look at what happens at a major construction site. What does it mean to be a man in the working class today? It offers up a new perspective. In this way, films increase awareness and build bridges between different groups.

The film «(Im)mortels» looks at how we come to terms with death – can films also help us to deal with taboo topics?

Absolutely. Over the course of several years, the film-maker accompanied her grandmother until her death. It delicately seeks to answer the question of what happens after we die. We liked the long-term nature of this project. It’s an unusual format.

Would you say that it is important not only for the content, but also for the format to keep up with the times?

Definitely. We absolutely want to support new perspectives in terms of storytelling. «Youth Topia» uses an entirely new narrative format to connect traditional film-making with social media. The script was a collective effort. It is important that we allow film-makers to experiment with these kinds of innovative narrative formats. That is why the Migros Culture Percentage Story Lab places emphasis on the development of new ideas.

The 57th Solothurn Film Days

Since 1966, the who’s who of the Swiss film scene has come together in Solothurn. This makes the Solothurn Film Days not only the most important, but also the longest running film festival in Switzerland. The festival programme regularly features a large number of films funded by the Migros Culture Percentage. The event is also an important meeting place for the industry. In 2022, for the second year, the Migros Culture Percentage

Story Lab will be hosting several workshops and networking events for professional film-makers. Enjoy the festival and discover fascinating films. We are giving away two day passes for the day of your choice.


Filmstill «A ciel ouvert»

Filmstill «A ciel ouvert»

Filmstill «A ciel ouvert»

Filmstill «A ciel ouvert»

Filmstill «A ciel ouvert»

Filmstill «A ciel ouvert»

Filmstill «Youth Topia»

Filmstill «Youth Topia»

Filmstill «Youth Topia»

Filmstill «Youth Topia»


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