Migros unites all its social engagement activities under one roof

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Zurich, April 6, 2021 - The multifaceted social engagement activities of the Migros Group have been brought together and given a joint look and feel. The new umbrella brand «Migros Commitment» includes offers and services associated with the Migros Culture Percentage, the newly renamed Migros Pioneer Fund (formerly the Engagement Migros development fund) and the Migros Aid Fund. The move is designed to make these unique services even more accessible to a broad swathe of the Swiss public.

To launch the new «Migros Commitment» umbrella brand, the three support vessels, namely the Migros Culture Percentage, Migros Pioneer Fund and Migros Aid Fund, have not only been given a new digital home, but also new logos that underline their common bond.

From now on, all Migros Group social engagement projects and issues will be communicated via the new joint platform. The spectrum of their activities ranges from access to culture, education and health to projects focusing on living together, climate and resources, as well as technology and ethics.

«We want to make our wide-ranging social engagement offers even more accessible to a broad swathe of the Swiss public», says Sarah Kreienbühl, a member of the FMC Executive Board and the Head of the HR, Communications, Culture, Leisure Department, before adding that «we are convinced that access to culture, education, health and multifaceted social offers strengthens social cohesion and makes an important contribution to mastering the challenges of our time together.»

The history of social engagement at Migros

Since the Migros Culture Percentage was founded in 1957, Migros has invested some CHF 5 billion into Swiss society. The idea for this stems back to Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler and his wife Adele. Together, they saw Migros' voluntary social engagement as a separate business purpose and an objective on a par with economic success. This makes Migros Commitment unique worldwide in terms of its variety, independence, and stability. Migros' social initiatives have also included the Migros Aid Fund since 1979 and the Migros Pioneer Fund (formerly the Engagement Migros development fund) since 2012. From now on, all the voluntary social engagement activities of the Migros Group will be united under the new umbrella brand Migros Commitment. The three support vessels will otherwise remain unchanged and continue to provide their tried-and-tested help.

About the Migros Culture Percentage

The Migros Culture Percentage supports cultural and social initiatives and offers a wide range of activities for a broad swathe of the Swiss public. In addition to traditional programs, it also addresses forward-looking social issues in a targeted manner. The Migros Culture Percentage also includes the Migros Club School, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, the Migros Museum for Contemporary Art, four «Parks im Grünen» (green meadow parks) and the Monte Generoso railway. In all, the Migros Culture Percentage invests more than CHF 140 million a year.

About the Migros Pioneer Fund

The Engagement Migros development fund will henceforth be known as the Migros Pioneer Fund. Its mission and promotional approach will remain unchanged. The new name is simply designed to explain even more precisely what the Migros Pioneer Fund has been doing since its launch in 2012: Finding pioneering projects with social potential and helping them through aid and support as well as the necessary funding. This year, the Migros Pioneer Fund will reach a new milestone: Sometime over the course of the year it will have supported 100 projects to the tune of about CHF 100 million. Two examples include the «Stop Hate Speech» project and «Make Furniture Circular». The Migros Pioneer Fund is itself funded by 10% of the dividends of Migros subsidiaries, including Denner, Migros Bank, Migrol and migrolino. 

About the Migros Aid Fund

The Migros Aid Fund has been promoting social and environmental projects in Switzerland and abroad since 1979. To this end, the ten regional cooperatives of Migros donate an annual CHF 1 million. Every year, about 20 projects run by well-known international development organizations are provided financial assistance. The Migros Aid Fund enables projects that benefit people and the environment and are characterized by a professional and sustainable approach. These projects often focus on disadvantaged groups such as women, children and adolescents.


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