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In time for the International Day of Education on 24 January, we look behind the scenes at Switzerland's most popular education establishment.


Swiss francs is all the Migros Club School charged for its first language courses. The very first class opened its doors in early May 1944.



Icelandic courses are available from the Club School for online and on-site participation in Basel and elsewhere. «Basel has quite a strong multicultural atmosphere. This enables us to find very good and passionate teachers of RATHER exotic languages,» says Jeremy Blanchard, the Co-Director of Languages at the Migros Basel Club School.


percent of the students enrolled in 2021 attended more than one course. It's therefore clear that the wide-ranging offer (further details below) is encouraging people to become skilled in many fields!


years ago, in 1984, the Migros Club School became the first education establishment in Switzerland to offer computer courses for anyone. The current Digital Business courses show that the Club School still has its finger on the pulse of time in 2022.



classrooms are available at the Migros Oerlikon Club School. That makes it the largest in Switzerland, providing, amongst other things, a jewellery workshop, a ceramics studio and IT classrooms as well as sports and relaxation rooms that can also be used for hybrid lessons.


people learnt Korean at the Club School in 2021. That's almost twice as many as in the previous year. Claudia Pellegrini, the Product Manager Languages at the Migros Aare Club School, explains that one reason for this increase is the ever-growing popularity of Korean pop culture (viz. «Squid Game» and «K pop») - not only amongst teenagers.


people attended a baking course in 2021, 36 percent more than the year before. By far the most popular of these were the various bread-baking courses. The subjective impression that the pandemic encouraged people to bake their own bread is therefore underlined with hard facts.


language, creativity, health and business courses are available within the Migros Club School programme. So you're unlikely to get bored all too quickly!


educators teach at the Migros Club School. Some of them, like the artist Olivier Zappelli, have been doing so for decades. His drawing and painting classes at the Migros Fribourg Club School have been going for up to 20 years. Many of his students have been there since the very beginning.



coffees were served by the drinks machine at the Migros Altstetten Club School in 2021. After all, we all sometimes need a shot of caffeine to keep our minds alert!


people were enrolled in courses and classes at the Club School in 2021.

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