Signal de Bougy celebrates its golden jubilee


For fifty years, the Signal de Bougy has attracted people of all ages to the hills above Aubonne (VD). Those who visit this vast green space financed by Migros come primarily to relax in a calming atmosphere but also because everyone knows they will find an activity to suit their tastes.

In 2021, the Signal du Bougy is celebrating its 50th anniversary

Threatened with privatisation by developers who wanted to build a clinic in this prime location which offers sweeping views over Lake Geneva and the Alps, the Signal de Bougy site was purchased by Migros in order to ensure that everyone would be able to enjoy the site. Following numerous landscaping developments and the construction of the current restaurant, this green meadow park was inaugurated on 3 July 1971.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Signal du Bougy, a number of activities will be organised for visitors between 8th May and 31st July 2021.

History quiz

A history quiz consisting of a dozen boards scattered around the relaxation area, not far from the Temple of Love, will offer visitors the chance to learn more about the creation and development of the park.

Puzzle game

An interactive puzzle game will also be organised. Using a free app and walking through the park, starting at the restaurant, both children and adults will have fun answering riddles and solving puzzles to try to win items from the kids’ menus and tickets for the mini-golf or the neighbouring adventure park.

A range of promotional activities

A range of promotional activities designed especially for the anniversary (in July) and a large firework display (on 31st July) are also scheduled, subject to the health measures in force at that time.

50 years of Signal


The Signal de Bougy was already a tourist attraction back in 1899, as this old poster shows (photo: DR).


Afte safeguarding and developing the site, landscaping was required in 1970 (photo : DR)


The model of the restaurant, comprising three pavilions.


At the inauguration of the site, on 3 July 1971, Adele Duttweiler, the wife of Migros founder Gottlieb, cut a ribbon in the presence of Pierre Arnold, the then President of the Signal de Bougy Pré Vert Foundation.


The restaurant, the site's focal point, photographed in 1974 (photo: FMC archives)


A coffee, friends and a game of cards: life is sweet at the Signal de Bougy (undated, photo: Jaques Bétant, Lausanne)


In 1983, just as today, people were having fun at the Signal de Bougy on the various installations at their disposal (photo: Jaques Bétant, Lausanne)


The Signal de Bougy has a mini golf course (photo : DR)


...and a golf course


which required some repair work from 1996 onwards.


Alain Morisod & Sweet People marked a career spanning 25 years at the Signal de Bougy, which was also celebrating its 25th anniversary (photo : DR)


Signal de Bougy view from above

A park for everyone

Robin and Mailin Quartarone, 33 and 32, logistics specialist and optometrist, with Alessio, 4, and Fiorella, 2, from Lausanne

«The last time I came here was when I was a child. I remember these donkeys well. I really wanted to bring my family here to explore the site. I have so many fond memories of it. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the visitors are respectful of one another. We had a picnic here and took a boat trip. It was great.»

Laurent Henchoz, 40, firefighter, with Louka, 4 and a half, and Mathis, 2 and a half, from Eclepens

«From spring through to autumn, the Signal de Bougy is one of our favourite destinations. We come here about ten times a year. There are lots of free games and sometimes we pay to do one of the activities, like the mini-cars or the little train. It would be good if there were more picnic tables.»

Georges and Anne-Lise Pochon, 62 and 60, mechanic-electrician and housewife, from Martigny

«We came to the region to the see the tulips in Morges and decided to push on to come here. We really like this park and come here often, as we have lots of fond memories with the family. Sometimes we eat in the restaurant or enjoy a drink on the terrace of the café, like today.»

Magalie and Coralie Rosso, 20 and 18, students, from Ferney-Voltaire (F)

«We know the park by heart because we have been coming here forever. The green spaces are beautiful, the staff are pleasant and there is a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone plays together. There is absolutely no stress. We also enjoy the shows that are sometimes organised in the amphitheatre.»

Jean-Baptiste Zehr, 27, responsible for the animals at the Signal de Bougy, from Gex (F)

«Working in surroundings like this is a dream come true. I look after the hundred and fifty animals in the park and organise the Young Farmers workshops, which give children the chance to discover the local fauna. At the Signal, we have deer, donkeys, goats and rabbits, and we will soon be opening an area with new pets including amphibians, lizards and even a grass snake.»

Klara Boda, 41, buyer, with Adam, 4, from La Tour-de-Peilz

«Everything is very well organised and everyone can find an activity to suit their taste, whatever their age. We come here about once a month. The site is magnificent. A criticism? There could maybe be more trees in some parts of the park. It can be hot in summer and a little shade is always welcome.»

Marta Dos Santos, 43, employee at the Signal de Bougy restaurant, from Gimel

«I have worked here for twenty years. Every day is different. Today, for example, I have been cooking bakery products, I helped set up the buffet, I worked on the cash desk in the restaurant and now I’m selling ice creams in our little trailer. The candy floss flavour, with its blue colour, is a big hit with children.»

Ines Khachab, 12, pupil, from Gex (F)

«I started skateboarding in March. I do it whenever I can. Here at the Signal, the site is ideal. It is quite flat and there are little slopes here and there. I also like playing on my scooter. I come here between 5 and 10 times a year with my family.»

Maïté and Benjamin Francoz, 32 and 36, tourism manager and project leader, with Lina, 5 months, from Morges

«This park is ideal with Covid. As it is so big, social distancing is easy. We sometimes come here with friends and enjoy playing mini-golf. Occasionally, we finish our trip with a visit to the arboretum next door.»

Marcel Theilkaes, 71, former director at Electro-Matériel, from Crans-près-Céligny

«I chose to become a member of the Signal de Bougy golf club after comparing several clubs in the region. I like the fact that people come here more for the sport than to be seen. The practice facilities are outstanding.»

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Photo/stage: François Wavre

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