La Fabrique Circulaire: A lift for the circular economy

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Our resources are finite. Circular economies are therefore now considered to be one of the most important strategies for the future – both economically and ecologically. Promising new business models in this respect are also being created for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector. But how can they take advantage of these opportunities? 

This is where the project La Fabrique Circulaire comes in, with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund: with a practice-oriented pilot program set to be implemented initially in the Geneva region, 20 businesses will have the chance to get into shape for a circular future through coaching sessions and collaborative workshops taking place over the course of one and a half years.

Wide-ranging support

The participating companies will be equipped with general skills in the area of circular economies. Another priority is to give them the opportunity to network with one another in order to exchange ideas and improve collaboration. The project seeks to develop methods and solutions relating to how SMEs can use strategies geared towards circular economies to make their business models future-proof and reduce their resource consumption. 

The results from the collaborative process will be prepared into a toolbox. This contains everything SMEs need to pursue their path to circularity: practical guidelines with methods and concepts, case studies and specific tools designed to help manage their transition to sustainable practices. 

Making businesses future-proof

The toolbox will be available free of charge upon conclusion of the pilot program. The plan is also to roll out the program in other regions to support companies all around Switzerland, in ensuring their future sustainability. 

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La Fabrique Circulaire

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