Migros Valais Culture Percentage: charter

The principles of the Valais Migros Culture Percentage

The broad aim is to use the Migros Culture Percentage to support cultural life in Valais.

Specific aims

  • To forge links between organisers, creators and the public.
  • To encourage professional artists in Valais to launch creative projects.
  • To help new talents, lesser-known venues and the companies of the future to thrive.

How it works

  • By encouraging the public to attend regional, national and even international events run by cultural organisations from Valais.
  • By partnering with regional creative and hospitality institutions.
  • By providing ad-hoc support to all creative artistic forms (music, dance, theatre, literature, and more) in all of the canton’s regions.
  • By making our Club Schools’ galleries and our other spaces available for exhibitions.
  • By showcasing certain events, with extra support for the most stand-out ones, throughout the year.

What we do

  • Provide financial support.
  • Buy tickets from institutions and give them away to the public.
  • Occasionally feature the events we support in the editorial section of Migros Magazine.
  • Monitor events and offer personalised support.
  • Hold exhibitions in our galleries.