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Contribution criteria for a request for support from the Migros Vaud Culture Department

  • Be sure to comply with our deadlines
  • Please submit your application 3 months before your event

I. Support for the arts


To support professional cultural projects and contribute to developing the creative and cultural life of the area covered by the Migros Vaud Cooperative.


  1. Music: classical, opera, jazz, variety, world music
  2. Theatre: all forms of professional theatre, comedy, one-man shows, young audiences
  3. Dance: classical, contemporary, performance
  4. Visual arts: shared projects outside institutional venues and private galleries, in association with the Federation of Migros Cooperatives only
  5. Others: cultural institutions and projects (festivals, shared spaces, mediation)


  • Professionalism
  • Project, association, organisation or production with a base in the canton of Vaud
  • Balanced geographical distribution throughout the canton
  • A period of 3 months is required to process your request

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II. Social donations


To support non-profit projects, associations or events that promote environmental, social, educational or cultural values.


  1. Environment: Projects or associations intended to protect nature in our region and/or raise public awareness by providing knowledge about our environment
  2. Social: Projects or associations supporting young people in different areas of activity (neighbourhood youth groups, daycare centres, etc.), people with disabilities, disadvantaged people or local families, to combat insecurity and social exclusion and prevent ill-health
  3. Cultural: Intercultural projects bringing together different nationalities or promoting a culture different from our own
    Socio-cultural projects: shows or events of a social and popular nature
    Cultural projects run by non-professional amateurs or charities
  4. Others: Projects or associations that do not fit into any  of the above categories


  • Balanced selection among the different sectors listed above
  • Balanced geographical distribution throughout the canton

Nature of the support and donations

  • Cash payments are allocated for cultural and social donations
  • Only one donation is granted per applicant per year
  • This support can be complementary to a contribution from the Federation of Migros Cooperatives to a supraregional or national project
  • The support can be in the form of gift vouchers worth between CHF 100 and 500.
  • The support can be in the form of an article in the Migros Magazine

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